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Procedure in Cleaning Your Garage Door in a Right Way

When was the last time you cleaned the garage doors? If you’re shocked by this question, you might need to examine the garage door as soon as possible. You’ll likely find that it’s incredibly filthy. The elements – like the wind or rain – clean it isn’t enough for long.

If you’ve realized the extent to which your garage door looks, what is the best way to fix it? It’s time to get your garage door cleaned and you’re able to tackle it yourself. What you need now is some helpful tips and a couple of tricks to clean it the right method. Contact your Experts at Commercial Garage Door in Oklahoma City

Here’s how you can get your garage door clean:

How to Clean a Steel Garage Door

Here are the steps you must be following if the garage door is constructed from pre-finished steel.

Step 1:

Prepare 1 cup of mild soap. The solution should be at least 0.5 percent in phosphate, and 5 gallons of water. Make use of the solution to get rid of the grime and dirt by wiping on the door of your garage.

Step 2:

To remove oil staining, apply bleach that has been diluted and water. Be sure the garage door is thoroughly washed to ensure it is clear that detergent, as well as the bleach, don’t mix. After the stain has gone, you can wash the door a second time.

Step 3:

Don’t forget to include the sides, and top as well as behind the stripping that is behind the garage doors.

Step 4:

When you discover dirt that has accumulated on the door, you are able to easily clean it off with your hands, or purchase an easy tool to assist with the removal.

Step 5:

Find a soft piece of cloth or sponge and use it for cleaning your garage door.

Step 6:

Dry the garage door with a clean cloth after having washed it.

How to Clean a Wooden Garage Door

Here are the steps you should take to clean a wooden garage door in a proper manner.

Step 1:

Make use of an answer made of water and mild detergent. Find a clean sponge and then soak it in the solution, then wipe away any debris and dirt that may be on your door’s surfaces.

Step 2:

Wash the door completely with the aid of a garden hose. Let the garage door dry completely.

Step 3:

If notice that the finish on your garage door has already been eroded or is thinning then you can use your detergent mix to wash it up before drying. Once it’s dried apply an oil/alkyd primer to prime the areas that are affected. Then follow it up with a complete priming or finishing coat.

Step 4:

End the cleaning process with an application of finishing Particularly if no damaged patches are found on the wooden garage door.

Follow these steps to clean your garage door correctly. It’s not an issue so long as you follow the correct method and use the appropriate tools to complete the task.

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