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Things You Need To Know About Garage Door Sizes

A garage is a must-have feature in your new home. Your garage will be an integral part of your home. It is more than just a place where you will park your cars. This is true even if your garage is not included in your renovation.

Garage doors are important in every case. The most important detail is about garage door sizes. There are standard sizes for garage doors. It is important to understand the standard sizes and how to measure them, whether you are building a new house or renovating an existing one. Here are some things you should know about garage door sizes.

About Standard Garage Door Sizes

These are the standard sizes for garage doors:

A single-car garage door is typically eight feet wide and seven feet tall, or nine feet wide and seven feet high. A double garage door measures sixteen feet by seven feet in size.

The dimensions of three-car garage doors can be varied. This is because garage doors can be configured in many different ways. Most three-car garages are 22 feet by 32 inches, but there are others that measure 30 feet by 30.

Garage doors for custom homes? These homes have unique dimensions for their garage doors. These doors are typically taller than the doors in regular homes. Check your Garage Door in Colorado Springs today.

Garage doors for custom homes can measure up to nine feet in width and eight feet high. This is the measurement for single garage doors. Double garage doors usually measure sixteen feet by eight feet.

How to Measure Garage Doors

There is an exact way to measure the garage door size. It is important to understand the process before you begin. Measure the door’s opening height and width.

You should ensure that you measure inside the garage, not outside. You don’t have to measure the jamb. Next, measure the headroom. This is the space between the ceiling and the door opening.

Also, measure the space between the garage walls & the sides of the door. Measure the distance between the garage door opening and the back wall.

How To Choose The Right Garage Door For You

How do you choose the best garage door? There are many things you should consider. When it comes to choosing the right garage doors, you want your home to be flexible. The first step is to determine the size garage door that you need. Next, you will need to consider its cost so you can decide if it’s feasible for you. This could add to your knowledge about garage door sizes.

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